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Donald Smith
November 4, 2013, 2:24:42 AM
Hi Everyone,

First my huge appreciation to Mr. Gecko. VoiceMac makes it possible for my old powerbook g4 to make google call.

The method I described below is the ONLY way for a powerpc mac 10.5 to make free google voice call.

The steps:

1. register a free getonsip account. Remember your credential of the account. Download and install x-lite 3.0 and login the account

2. go to ipkall website, apply a local phone number for your getonsip account

3. inside google voice, set the ipkall account as your forward number. I am not sure if you have to apply a google voice phone number. But the ipkall number is not good for apply a google number.

4. download and install VoiceMac 0.4.1. Only setup the google account for VoiceMac.

5. now the setup is done. Inside VoiceMac you choose the ipkall number(which mean forward number) to call any number in US and Canada. After call, x-lite will pop up. You pick up x-lite call and wait to your destination phone to answer.

If you are only interested in the free call, you are done. I will mention some details.

As I posted in some other thread, we couldn't change the codecs priority in VoiceMac for the sip call on powerpc platform. That is why we have to install x-lite 3.

There is another sip client Jitsi 2.2.4, which is coded in java. But it doesn't work normally in the powerpc 10.5.8. You just couldn't find the audio and video device. For free sip account, ekiga is very famous. But it has some problem relate to stun configuration. Some sip client is not good for it. So I choose getonsip which is both good for my old powerpc platform and for my N900 cellphone.

I found I could configure(I mean to sign in) ekiga account for VoiceMac but not for getonsip. Hope someday in the future if Mr. Gecko fixes the problem in my platform, I have the opportunity to try getonsip account for VoiceMac.

Thanks a lot. Hope this will save your time.

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