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September 8, 2010, 7:09:14 AM
I swear there was a link telling how to make themes unless I overlooked it but how do we make the themes again? Thanks.

Mr. Gecko
September 8, 2010, 12:35:20 PM
I will make a blog post in detailed, but this is the basics. I am guessing you mean for the new beta at so these will only apply to it.

1. Make a simple HTML page with your own test messages in it and make styles for both incoming and out going, that is if your idea is to make them look different.
2. Convert the HTML to the simple HTML style that Voice Mac reads and replaces information for you, the example theme at will help you out alot, just fill things out and replace things.
3. Test the theme using my theme tester at with all the features, new message, rebuild, so on.
4. Send it to me ether in a zip or not. I will go over it, and test it my self to make sure it's not broken/leaking information of my customers to you. You know that I cannot host something that will steal people's info, that'll be a nightmare... The link to send it to me is in the Download more Themes button, I put instructions on what to include so I can make the post on the database.

If you are really smart at html, you can skip step one and just make the theme in the theme tester, adding things and pressing rebuild html. If anyone wants to make me a new Icon for blank icons, please do, I don't want to get in-trouble for using the one I am using now... Also I'll include a full step by step with images and code in the blog when I am complete with this version. This is the first thing I'm completely redoing from scratch and I hope that from this, I will have no more mistakes that I have made in the past by not knowing so much about Cocoa... Yes I know, I didn't know Cocoa fully until 2010, for some reason. I just knew how to make things work by, viewing the documentation and playing around. Now I can almost write an application in my sleep.

Sorry for the long reply, Hope you enjoy making themes and my application,
Mr. Gecko

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