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Gold Key Protection - Automobile Consumer Service Corporation
My latest project. Click here to go to my github page for Rotary Gecko, or go to my Blog to see my journy in making a Rotary Phone do neat things.
Welcome to Mr. Gecko's Media,Mr. Gecko's (James Coleman) Official Website.
Visit my blog where I share what I’m up to, cool things I have found, and other things. I am not a noisy poster, so please follow my Google+if you like what I post.
Have a look at all the Applications I have written and released for anyone to use! There is mostly utilities I wrote for myself, as I needed them, and decided to let other people use. The Applications include: VoiceMac, YouView, Freezer, Chromatic, SoundNote, CocoaShare, Exhaust, and more! Hope you enjoy them!
Many of the programs I write are Open Source. This means that anyone can take the code that I wrote and: make it better (or worse), send your changes to me so that I can decide to include it in the actual product, use your own modified version for yourself, or even continue development if I was to abandon this project or leave the programming world.
I have not worked on my podcast in a long time, but it is available as an archive for anyone who wishes to download and watch. All mistakes are included as is. I plan to continue the podcast, but I cannot at the moment due to current circumstances. The podcast, Cocoa Maker, was started to teach Objective-C/Cocoa for beginners.