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Neon Tango
July 11, 2010, 5:59:57 PM
As of the day I d/l'd Voice Mac's latest update and in the couple of weeks following, I had no problems whatsoever with VM. However, today, I'm experiencing some problems regarding the SMS window and Themes (Outsanity & Skype by Tonysak, both of which were d/l'd at the same time I originally d/l'd Voice Mac about a year ago.) The issues:

When I open VM Preferences, I still see and can change my Sound Themes (d/l'd Hamon on June 10, 2010), but my Conversation/SMS themes are no longer displayed and ergo, I can not change from one theme to another.

Also, text messages between me and contacts with whom I regularly exchange messages are no longer displayed in the text message window: it's as if because the Themes are MIA, so are the messages. Yet, the first volley in each exchange, whether initiated by me or my contact, does show up in the SMS history.

Another new behaviour re the SMS conversation window -- it will not close when I click on red button; yellow and green buttons are fine. Only way to get the window off desktop is to close the VM app.

Have tried refreshing, logging out and logging back in, rebooting, ran Disk Utility (no probs of any nature).

Ran Searchlight to see if the Themes were still on board and they appear to be. Here's what I found, don't know if it's significant: AND

I'm running 10.4.11/Safari 4.1 (4533.16) on Powerbook G4 (12", al.)

Any guidance will be appreciated, O Mighty Gecko! ;-)

Mr. Gecko
July 12, 2010, 1:41:54 PM
I have not had a problem with that myself, but I did get an email from someone else explaining the same problem. He has 10.5.8 and I'm going to look into it to see what I can find when I get time. One thing I did notice on my computer is when I change them theme to Skype or example, it did not refresh the preview, that may be the very same problem you guys are having. I'll look deeper into it after I finish backing up stuff and school.

John Mueller
July 12, 2010, 1:57:23 PM
I'm the "other guy" who was having the problem. I have not installed any themes, but I've experienced the same problems you have Neon.

Clark Korb
July 16, 2010, 1:19:04 AM
I'm having identical issues as described by Neon Tango running OS 10.6.4. I made no changes to my configuration and even tried reinstalling from scratch. All of a sudden days ago the themes simply disappeared and now I have blank SMS transcripts.

Neon Tango
July 16, 2010, 1:44:13 AM
With apologies, I should have checked in sooner with this update -- "Mr. Gecko" contacted me a couple days ago, while I was out of town, to let me know he is aware of the issues mentioned and as soon as his schedule permits, will be at work on a solution.

In other words: there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a train ;-)

Many thanks, Mr. G! Standing by....

Mr. Gecko
July 16, 2010, 2:05:16 AM
I have fixed the problem just to give an update, and it will be up by the end of the night. I am currently at church so I cannot do it now. I want to fix two other problems before I update so I have most of the problems fixed before I start on the huge update. The problems I'm fixing is it chrashes while searching/typing in a number and that I don't have a clear button for the search/phone box.

Neon Tango
July 16, 2010, 3:58:39 AM
No rush, Mr. G! Proverbs 3:5-6 ;-)

Mr. Gecko
July 16, 2010, 5:49:49 AM
Fixed all the problems and some I forgot about, this is probably the most stable version now.

Clark Korb
July 16, 2010, 5:52:39 AM
THANK YOU!! Love the great app.

Neon Tango
July 16, 2010, 7:39:37 AM

Voice Mac is mac-fabulous once again :-D

'Ta, Mr. G!

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